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  • Tell us what you're looking for, whether it's new or used, lease or buy
  • Our car finder experts work to locate vehicles that match your criteria in just 48 hours
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We want to help you find the perfect new or used Ford, Volkswagen or Jeep for your needs. To help simplify the car-buying process for New Hampshire drivers, our Car Finder tool can identify cars nearby that fit what you’re looking for, and our AutoServ team will do the work in getting you behind the wheel! You can browse the vehicle selection across our AutoServ dealerships in Tilton, NH, or use our Car Finder tool to begin your car-buying process.

New and Used Cars in Tilton, NH

You can use our Car Finder tool to find both local new and used cars. Whether you’d like to buy or lease your next Jeep SUV, Ford truck or Nissan sedan, we can locate what you’re looking for. The Car Finder tool can help narrow the search and locate your ideal vehicle, and you can even list additional features you want us to look for!

We Negotiate for You! 

Want your new or used car as soon as possible? No problem. Our experts will work to find the car that matches your criteria within 48 hours. If you’re looking for a specific vehicle and there is one in our range, we will find it in the allotted time! Plus, we make car negotiations simple. If we locate the car you’re looking for and the price doesn’t align with your budget, we can negotiate with that dealer to try and get you a better price. Whether you’re looking to buy or lease your next SUV or truck, our Car Finder negotiation process can bring the dollar figure to a range that works for you.

New and Used Car Financing Options

Our desire is to get you in the vehicle you desire. Our goal is 100% credit approval, so we can provide financing options tailored to your income. Everybody deserves a reliable vehicle to drive around New Hampshire, so we’ll do our part in securing a car loan that works for you!

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